Mauro Panebianco

I was born on October 12, 1975 in Busto Arsizio, a city in northern Italy, the gateway to the capital of fashion – Milan.
As a child I spent much time at my uncle’s restaurant.
I remember myself at the age of five helping to clear the tables,
coming to the guests and offering them caramels.

With the passing of the years the restaurant world captivated me more and more,
and that is why I decided to choose the career of chef.
I studied at the Institute of Hotel Management in Stresa,
one of Europe’s most famous, and each summer
as a sous chef and pastry chef I mastered my
skills in various restaurants. I graduated from
the institute with high grades.

My task is to evoke emotions
in our guests by offering them
elegant simplicity and taste.
I assure you that there is always
a place for love and passion
in my work.

Chef de cuisine Mauro Panebianco has worked at the restaurant in Moscow right from the day the Cantinetta Antinori restaurant was opened.

Mauro Panebianco became famous during his work in Milan which was followed by that with a Swiss hotel, the opening of a restaurant in Munich and finally, an invitation to work in Russia. That was the beginning of a decade-long journey; however, even during that time not all the secrets of Italian cuisine have been revealed by Mauro to the guests of the Cantinetta Antinori.

Sticking to his motto of evoking only positive emotions in guests by offering them elegant simplicity and taste, Mauro combines passion for new experiences, a fresh look on seasonal ingredients and love for cooking, and this brings joy to our guests. And of course, all with an Italian accent.