Only on March 7-8, specifically for the beautiful half of mankind, the Chef de cuisine, Mauro Panebyanko, will present the festive menu to be appreciated by both the women and their companions.

Lobster with cheese Buratti and green beans — 2,400 rub.
Tortelli with pumpkin, asparagus and truffle – 900 rub.
Risotto with Chianti red wine, blueberries and duck foie gras — 1,300 rub.

And, of course, what holiday is complete without a light dessert melting in mouth?

Incomparable and always magnificent, women deserve the best gifts – both on March 8 and on any other day. Every day at Cantinetta Antinori we are delighted to indulge you with delicious dishes and drinks, and on March 7 and 8 Mauro Panebyanko presents special gifts to each charming guest – a selection of handmade chocolates.