Throughout the world, Italy has earned the fame of a culinary Mecca for gourmets who come here at any time of the year to see the beauty of the country and visit local restaurants. However, only the most knowledgeable travellers are convinced that the best Italian cuisine is served in the autumn, i.e. it is the season when the harvest is gathered. At this particular time, the Italian chefs prepare their true masterpieces from the produces from the land, which are unique to the autumn months.

Since ancient times, autumn in Italy is famous for culinary holidays. These are days of grape picking, new wine tasting, chocolate, truffle celebrations and other festivals of Italian cuisine, during which local craftsmen prepare stunning dishes. In September, there is a world’s major pizza festival Pizzafest in Naples, and in the middle of October the natural farming and food festival Slow Food Festival begins in Turin.

But the real joy of autumn for the lovers of Italian cuisine are the delicacies with wild mushrooms laid on the Italian tables. White mushrooms give traditional dishes a new range of flavors and aromas. The Italians cook incredible goodies using it! White mushrooms are added to risotto, meat dishes, and side dishes to the polenta. Moreover, it is time to taste delicious mushroom soup.
This fall, Cantinetta Antinori Restaurant will also please its quests with a seasonal Italian dishes. Since September 10, we start our Forest Mushrooms Festival. Here you will find the best of Italian delicacies with mushrooms, such as Carpaccio with white mushrooms served with parmesan shavings, Risotto with white mushrooms, Agnolotti with veal and mushroom sauce. Italian autumn in Cantinetta Antinori is the time of culinary wonders of our chef Mauro Panebianco. Welcome to our festival menu!