Allegra Antinori, the daughter of Marquis Piero Antinori and one of the three heirs of the influential family, will meet with wine enthusiasts at the Cantinetta Antinori restaurant.

Cantinetta Antinori restaurant.
Moscow, April 2, 2014. Choosing for a career the daughters of Piero Antinori, Allegra, Alessia and Albery, was quite an easy task: since the girls’ childhood the master of Italian winemaking prepared them for the transfer of the family business, and nowadays all the three are actively involved. “Our business is so exciting that it did not take long to persuade them,” – laughs Piero Antinori while answering questions about the secrets of the right upbringing.

The 27th generation of the family that created wine as early as in the 12th century has something to contrast the motley apparel of modernity: times change and people change, however, the essence, the DNA of the Antinori house remains unchanged.

Carefully keeping the traditions of the past alive, the Antinori are not afraid to experiment and implement large-scale and ambitious projects. In 2013 at Chianti Classico, new Cantinetta Antinori opened its doors – the headquarters of the Marchesi Antinori Company with its museum, wine tasting rooms, cinema and lecture halls, the construction of which took about 10 years and about 82 million Euros.

However, the Antinori family’s attitude to the younger Moscow cantinetta is still reverent, and they are always glad to invite their guests here. The dinner programme on April 2, 2014 includes the famous Tuscany wines Guado Al Tasso, Cervaro and Solaia of different vintages, accompanied by exquisite dishes by the chef of Cantinetta Antinori, Mauro Panebyanko.