A sumptuous banquet can be served for any event in Cantinetta Antinori, be it your wedding, or birthday, any corporate event, themed holiday or an important anniversary celebration.
There is a special menu personally recommended by our Chef Mauro Panebianco, which is the most suitable for each event. Cantinetta Antinori Restaurant would like to bring the gourmets’ attention to a rich assortment of traditional and creative dishes of Italian cuisine. It is also famous for its magnificent collection of Tuscan wines.

Cantinetta Antinori Restaurant is a real catch for those who like overall comfort, authentic Italian cuisine and fragrant wines, which can make one feel like new just in few minutes. Welcome at any time of day or night! Moreover, there is a nice bonus waiting for you at the weekend, which is a perfect offer for a romantic dinner.

The Italian speciality restaurant is located in the very heart of the capital. The interior is made in a classical style together with summer terrace, open kitchen, wine cellar, and a perfect combination of tradition and modernity. All this is on the right side of easy and relaxed communication. Professionalism and diligence of the staff enable the guests’ great pastime. The restaurant is also ready to arrange catering to the customer’s site.

Holidays spent in Cantinetta Antinori turn into unique exquisite events that all the guests present will remember forever.

Contact us for further details, for reaching agreement on the menu, or for selection of the date of celebration: zakaz@cantinettaantinori.com
The chef depending on your preferences and possibilities can offer menus for special events. Here you can book a table: zakaz@cantinettaantinori.ru.
Call us at: +7 499 241 3325