Do you want to please your beloved one and give him/her unforgettable emotions?
Romantic dinner on the summer terrace of Cantinetta Antinori will make your evening for two a special event! Give your sweetheart a holiday, experience this relaxing atmosphere of an Italian evening just in Moscow!
Cantinetta Antinori Restaurant is a real catch for those who like overall comfort, authentic Italian cuisine and fragrant wines, which can make one feel like new just in few minutes. Welcome here at any time of day or night! Moreover, there is a nice bonus waiting for you at the weekend.

When booking a table on a Saturday or Sunday, we offer you a glass of white wine as a gift.
Dear Sir or Madam,
Even if it is difficult for you to be surprised with anything, and it seems that you have already tried everything (and even more), you can’t but try our sophisticated wines filled with the energy of sunny Italy.

Excellent Italian cuisine, attention to each client, a rich assortment of natural wines and a special Italian atmosphere of the restaurant let Cantinetta Antinori maintain a reputation as one of the best restaurants in town.

Welcome to Cantinetta Antinori! Why put away your good pastime until later?
Just do not forget to book a table in advance for the weekend.
You can book a table at: zakaz@cantinettaantinori.ru
Call us at: +7 499 241 3325